mariposa510 (mariposa510) wrote in brianandchris,

Familiar faces in new places

So, I was reading about the new Law and Order season today, and guess what I found!

Apparently, there's going to be a cast change on L&O: Criminal Intent.  Now, I don't watch this show usually, but the new character is apparently going to be Mike Logan's new partner.  And guess who the new person is!

Our very own Julianne Nicholson will be playing Detective Megan Wheeler on the new season of CI!!!

So she's not gonna be our favorite ADA Christina Finn, but at least she's still around...I think she's a great young actress.  She and Milena Govich must have really impressed Dick Wolf during Conviction since they were both given new roles on his shows.

Here's hoping Julianne Nicholson will be able to actually get me interested despite my aversion to Detective Goren.  :-)
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