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Short Fic: Brian/Christina

Yet another one to get us going. Hope you all enjoy it. ;)

Author: vega
Summary: "So, you're the new girl, huh?"
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters. Seriously.

"So, you're the new girl, huh?"

He throws out the question in between sipping another can of Red Bull and skimming through yet another seven-inch thick case file that's been gnawing at him for the entire week. He's been tied to this case for days, and he sure as hell doesn't have time for the newbie who's standing in front of his desk, so he responds with a standard routine, waiting to get a reaction out of the newbie -- for her to raise objections to the causal way he flung out the question ("Girl?" Rossi had sneered when she'd first come on board, right before ripping him a new one) or for her to roll her eyes and write him off as an idiot who is, unfortunately, about to become her senior in the ADA team.

When he looks up from his file, however, her sunny smile hasn't wavered. If it's actually possible, her smile is even more cheerful, and even the way she holds her brief case across her chest is a bundle of cheer. "That I am. Christina Finn. And you're Brian Peluso."

Cute, he thinks almost immediately as he shakes her offered hand. Definitely not originally from New York, he can tell that much. Not someone he'd immediately tag as an attorney, either. It will work in her favor or completely against her -- but he's not there to judge either way just yet. For now, he feels off-guard, a bit sheepish, and disarmed for a good measure. If the girl could smile any brighter, she'll burst.

He raises his eyebrow. "You this happy for a lousy, low-paying job, or are you that insane to think becoming a DA is the dream of your life?"

That doesn't do the trick either. She just raises her eyebrow right back at him. "Are you always this cranky, or is the Krako case getting to you as much as Cabot says?"

But that does the trick on him, because he can feel his face cracking a little smile. "What, and it can't be both?"

She makes a little 'hmm' and tilts her head. "Suppose it could be, but thinking that doesn't do me any good, does it? Either way, I'm assigned to assist you on this case and you're stuck with me for a while."

"That so, huh?"


There's a slight drawl in her voice and her smile is still so bright and he's already feeling that something thawing somewhere in his chest. He's smart enough to know when he's fighting a losing battle, and this battle, he wouldn't mind losing too much. "Well, c'mon, then." He gestures toward the chair across his desk and she flops down with yet another smile.

He doesn't know, just yet, that maybe this smile of hers will become a dictating force in his life. For now, he just leans against his chair and almost involuntarily matches her smile.

"Well, then Finny, let's see what you've got."

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