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Hi everyone!  *waves*  Glad to see there are some out there who agree with my love of the Brian/Christina 'ship!

This is my first Conviction fic, and it hasn't been beta-read.  I think it's still ok anyway, but we'll see what y'all think.

Alternate "Hostage"

A/N: This is AU from right before the Congressman attacks Jeffers.  He never gets to do it, and Jeffers gets to play it all out.  Cue angst.

"Tell him that you have to go to the bathroom.  Get his attention."


"Just tell him you need to go to the bathroom."

"I'll do it."


Brian waited on the floor of the courtroom for a chance to distract the maniac with a gun threatening his friends, threatening Chris.  For the past hour, he'd watched her avoid looking at the puddles of drying blood on the tiles.  It was time to end this, even if it meant putting himself in danger.  Anything was better than making Chris live through this any longer.

He listened to Jeffers arguing with Jim on the courtroom phone.  Out of the corner of his eye, he caught the Congressman's barely perceptible nod.

Brian cleared this throat and started to push up off the ground.

"You get back to me in 15 minutes, and there better be a damn plane sittin' on the runway, or one of your DA's won't be comin' in to work on Monday."  Jeffers hung up the phone and swung around to look at Peluso.

"Did I tell you stand up?" he asked, pointing his gun in Brian's direction.  Brian froze.  When he made no effort to sit back down, Jeffers shifted his aim slightly toward Christina.  "Sit your ass down, pretty boy."

Brian glanced at Chris and made his decision in a heartbeat.  He sat back down with an apologetic look toward the Congressman.

"That's better."  He lowered his weapon, but continued to stare at Christina.  "Don't play with me, Peluso.  I don't like gettin' played."

Christina shifted an inch or two closer to Brian as Jeffers turned his attention back to Wade.

"He's never gonna give us a plane, Frank.  It just doesn't work that way!"

"You think I don't know that?  Look man, all we gotta do is make it to the van with hostages.  They'll never risk their precious DAs' lives in a shootout in the back of a van!  We get to the van, tell Steele we'll kill the hostages if anyone follows us, switch vans once we get away, and we're home free!"

"I don't know, man.  I don't think this is gonna work..."

"You got a better plan?  Cause right now this is the only way outta here I see that don't include a body bag or prison, and I ain't going out with those.  Look man, just pick a hostage and let's get this rollin'."

Wade looked around at the scared faces scattered throughout the courtroom.  He didn't want to have to pick anyone.  None of this was what he'd had in mind.  He'd just panicked, and now he was waist deep in Frank's cowboy shootout shit.  This was not what he'd planned.

His gaze fell on the two ADA's seated next to Congressman Nowles on the floor.  The redhead seemed like a good person.  She was nice, and he found that he trusted her.   For a moment, he felt a twinge of sadness that she'd gotten mixed up in all this.  She had a kind face, and an innocence that he found suprising in a prosecutor.   Norma would like her.

The thought of his fiance launched unpleasant images into his head.  Images of Norma locked up like a criminal at INS.  Rudy in some stranger's house wondering where his mommy and daddy were.  He still felt sorry for this young ADA, but she wasn't his priority.  Getting out of this alive was.

Brian listened as the two gunmen argued about what to do next.  He hated being in this position, not being able to DO anything to end this.  He turned to look at Christina, who was once again resting her head on his shoulder.

The hairs on Brian's neck suddenly raised as he felt someone's eyes on them.  He looked up slowly to see Wade staring at Chris.  Cold fear trickled into his stomach as Wade began to walk toward them.  He knew what was about to happen, and he could NOT let it.  He'd promised Christina that he wouldn't let anything happen to her.  He wasn't about to go back on that promise now, when they'd survived so much already.

Chris lifted her head, startled out of her light doze by the tensing of Brian's shoulders.  She looked up and instantly caught the wave of fear and barely controlled panic emanating from Brian beside her.  She shrank back a little as Wade advanced.  She'd obviously missed an important conversation, but she could guess where this was headed.

Wade stopped a few feet in front of them.  "Get up," he ordered, accentuating the command with a small gesture with the gun in his hand.

Chris moved a shaky hand to Brian's shoulder, and started to climb unsteadily to her feet, but suddenly Brian's shoulder jerked out of reach as he stood quickly.

"Take me.  You need a hostage, right?  Take me, I'll do it."

Christina could barely breathe.  She didn't think anything could shock her more than the rest of this ordeal, but apparently she'd been premature.  Brian had just sacrificed himself for HER.  Offhand, she figured she must look ridiculous crouching on the floor with her mouth hanging half open, but her stunned mind just couldn't wrap itself around this new turn of events.

Brian was still talking, trying to convince Wade.  "Come on, man.  What does it matter who the hostage is?  Just take me and leave her alone."

Wade nodded, and Brian breathed a sigh of relief.  Chris was safe.

Brian turned to Chris and put his hands on her shoulders, guiding her back to a sitting position.  He started to reassure her when he heard that bastard Jeffers open his mouth again.

"Hell no, Calvin.  You wanna take a hostage who'll turn and knock you in the face so the snipers can get a sight on you?  That's fuckin' stupid, man.  Take the girl.  She'll be easier to control...and she'll be much more fun to have around afterward..."

Jeffers smirked at Peluso as he slowly turned around.

"Look, take me.  I won't do anything to get you caught, I swear."

Jeffers scoffed and turned to Wade.  "Bring the girl, and if this fool tries to stop you, I'll shoot him myself."

He walked to the Judge's chambers and returned with two pairs of handcuffs from the dead policemen.  He tossed one pair to Brian, and the other to Nick.  Brian felt sick as he noticed the drops of dried blood on the cuffs; he looked up into the murder and rapist's eyes.

"Peluso, put those on your little girlfriend, behind her back.  And they better be tight enough, or I'll have to tighten them myself."

Brian looked into Christina's eyes, and his heart wrenched as he felt the fear radiating off her in waves.

Jeffers turned to Nick and waved his gun.  "And you, put those on the little DA bitch.  I gotta make a phone call."

Nick stared at the cuffs in his hand and looked up at Jessica.  Her face paled, and she unconsciously tugged her skirt a little closer around her knees.  Nick knew she was picturing the same crime scene photos he was, and remembering the earlier incident with lack of ID.

Both women were about to become the sole hostages of a rapist who'd already shown an interest in Jess.  Jessica took a deep breath and tried not to shake as she met Nick's worried gaze.

"Chris, you don't have to do this."

Christina was definitely in shock.  She stared straight ahead, a blank expression on her face, but her entire body was trembling.  "I'll be ok..." she mumbled over and over again.  "I'll be...I'll be ok."

Brian touched a hand to her face.  "Chris..." he whispered.  She closed her eyes, and a few stray tears streaked down her face.  Her lower lip trembled as she leaned into his touch.

"Hey!  Now, dawg.  I don't got all day.  We've got a van to catch."

Christina took a deep breath and reached for Brian's arm to steady her as she stood.  Brian walked around behind her, his hand lingering on her arm.

"I'm so sorry, Chris."  Still feeling his warm touch on her arm, she only flinched a little when she felt the cool metal lock around her left wrist.

Brian couldn't believe he was actually helping Jeffers take Christina away from him.  But what choice did he have?  This entire situation had gone from bad to worse in a heartbeat, and he was no good to Chris if he was dead.  But it still felt a hell of a lot like he was breaking his promise.

"Chris," he whispered as he gently pulled her right arm back, "you can get through this.  You fight, fight like hell, and be strong."  He heard her shuddering breath as he moved back around to stand in front of her.  "But listen to me, Chris.  You do whatever you have to do to stay alive."  A few more tears rolled down her face, but she didn't even try to blink them back as he once again brought his hand to her face.  He ran his thumb across her cheek and leaned his forhead against hers.  "I...I love you, Chris.  So you come back to me, ok?  I love you, and I don't want to lose you.  Not now, not ever."

Chris couldn't form words past the lump in her throat and the tears clouding her vision.  But she found strength in Brian's touch, and she nodded.  She would get through this.

"No, you look.  In one minute, we are comin' out with two pretty little hostages.  So unless you want their brains spattered all over the paneling, you best be moving your guys BACK!"

Jeffers listened for a moment.  "Hold on a sec."  He turned toward Christina.  "You, what's your name?"

Chris was silent until Jeffers repeated his question and lifted his gun for emphasis.  She flinched and said softly but clearly, "Christina.  Christina Finn."

Jeffers turned the gun to Rossi.  "And you, bitch?  What's your name?"

"Jessica Rossi."  She stared unflinchingly into Jeffers' face.  The fear was still present, but she'd managed to mask it considerably with anger.  She just hoped it would be enough.

Unfazed, Jeffers smirked and went back to the phone call.  "We got ADAs Christina Finn and Jessica Rossi joining us this evening.  I have big plans for tonight...don't mess them up by gettin' anyone killed, Steele.  You got one minute."

Jim stared at the phone in his hand as the line went dead and the crowd around him sprang into action.


Rating: Umm...teens, I guess.  I hate rating stuff.  There's some implied sexual remarks; Jeffers is a rapist, after all.
Spoilers: "Hostage", the finale.
Summary: My version of how things could have turned out in the finale.
Pairing: Brian/Chris...duh.

I hope everyone likes this, and I hope it's not too much drama and angst.  Enjoy!
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