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brianandchris's Journal

The Brian/Christina Shipper Community
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The first shipper community for Brian/Christina of Dick Wolf's new series, Conviction. Sadly, NBC has indicated that this brilliant show will not be on the fall schedule. But this adorable 'ship will live on.


  • All posts relating to Brian/Christina, or the characters individually, as well as the actors behind them, are welcome.

  • Discussion. Pictures/Screencaps. Icons/Art/Banners. Fanfic. This is what the community is for.

  • Please keep things civil. Everyone is welcome, but this is a shipper community.

  • If something is spoilery, please put it behind a cut. This probably won't be an issue since Conviction has ended, but some people may not have seen the last few episodes, or the finale, just yet.

  • Have fun!

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