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Alternate Hostage, Part 2

Ok y'all, here's the next part.  Looks like it's gonna be a 3 part story.  This part focuses a good bit on Jessica as well, and I'm a Jim/Jess shipper most of the time.  I hope you enjoy this!  Let me know if you're still liking it or not (but be nice, please!).

Rating hasn't quite gone up that far yet, but it probably will in the next part.  Just to be safe, I'm gonna go ahead and raise the rating to Adult.

Thanks for all the reviews last time!  Sorry it took me so long to update, but I had a really stressful weekend.  Hopefully this week won't be so bad and I'll be able to finish it.  I've already got another storyline in mind! :-D

Alternate Hostage Part 2

A/N: Thoughts are in italics font.

In the space of a single minute, Brian Peluso's world had come crashing down, and he'd helped the bastard do it.  The image of Christina's face as Wade pulled her out of the courtroom burned in Brian's mind as he fastened the handcuffs back on the door and bent to slide the key under the door as he'd been told.
They'd have killed her if he didn't.
But now they'd probably kill her anyway.  Or worse.
He couldn't protect her.  He'd promised her that he would protect her.
He stared at the door, oblivious to Nick's soft questioning.
She's gone.  You lost her.
A guttural yell erupted from his throat, and he attacked the door separating him from Chris.
Over and over, he slammed his fist into the wooden door until his knuckles bled.  And still he continued punching, transfering all his rage and frustration and despair into the single action of tearing down that barrier with his bare hands.
He was barely aware of Nick and the Congressman seizing his arms and pulling him back.
When Jim, Cabot, and the police finally broke through the door, they found Brian on his knees staring at his bloody hand.
"Brian?" Alex said softly, kneeling in front of him.
He didn't respond for a moment, but when he finally looked up, there was nothing but determination in his eyes.
"Where is she?"
Christina was almost past scared and into numb.  Almost.
Wade's arm was around her neck, his gun aimed at her temple, and they were currently attempting to walk backward down the front steps of the courthouse.  Chris couldn't see it, but she knew Jeffers had Jessica in a similar position, except his back was against Wade's so that he and Jess were walking forward.  She had to admit that it seemed the best way to get out of the courthouse without getting hit by sniper fire.
What the hell am I doing?  Congratulating him on his criminal tactics?  Focus on getting yourself OUT of this, Chris.
She winced as Wade misjudged a step slightly and the gun smacked into her head.
Jessica's sharp tone brought Chris firmly back to the situation at hand.
"Get your hand off my breast.  Now."  Jessica's tone and words were angry, but Chris heard the slight tremor in her voice.
Chris barely heard Jeffers' reply, but it was enough to send a shiver down her spine.
"Pick your battles, sweetheart.  We got a long night ahead of us."
"Sniper 1 to Command, targets just entered visual.  Awaiting confirmation on orders."
"Affirmative, Sniper 1.  Sniper 2, do you have visual?"
"Yes sir, but it's not clean."
"Sniper 1?"
"I have a clean shot on Target 2, but Target 1 is playing hide and seek with the friendly."
"What does that mean?"  Jim broke in, frustrated with the sniper jargon.
Lieutenant Murno looked up from the radio.  "It means we can't take down both gunmen at the same time.  If we take out one, the other might shoot his hostage before we can do anything about it."  He paused.  "We'll just have to take that chance.  We can't let them get into the van.  It's too dangerous."

"What?!  More dangerous than what you JUST SAID might happen?!  You have no right to risk their lives like that!"  Jim was practically shouting now.

"There's no time.  I have to make the call."

Jim stood his ground, glaring at the detective.  He didn't want to leave Jess in that bastard's hands any longer than he had to, but he had a bad feeling about playing Russian Roulette with guns and snipers.

A voice suddenly erupted from the radio in the detective's hand.  "Command?  Do we take the shot?"

Murno stared at Jim, trying to figure out the lesser of the two evils.  Finally, he lifted the radio.  "Negative, Sniper 1.  Do not fire.  I repeat, do not fire.  Keep a visual on the targets and we'll get a track on the van."  He turned to Steele.  "Let's hope we don't regret this later."

Come on...shoot him...  Jessica felt panic rising in her chest as they inched closer to the van.  Jeffers' hand was no longer on her breast, but she could feel his breath on her neck.  The last possible place she wanted to be right now was the inside of that van with Jeffers and a gun.  She just kept praying that the snipers - and she knew that there HAD to be snipers in place - would take him out before they could reach the van.

The metal cuffs cut into her wrists as the van loomed closer and closer.  All too soon, they were standing right beside the back door.  Jeffers pushed her face-first into the side of the van and pressed his body against her to hold her in place while he reached around to open the door.

He positioned himself between the door and Jessica; Wade backed into the van, dragging Christina along with him.  Jeffers called to Wade to climb into the driver's seat.

Jess felt her airway constrict as Jeffers' arm tightened around her throat, pulling her up and into the van.  He forced her to her knees, then reached around her, still using her as a shield, to grab the car door.  He started to pull it closed, but then stopped.

Jess let out a cry of pain as Jeffers grabbed a handful of hair and shoved her head forward so it would be visible from the courthouse.

"Hey, Steele!  Don't follow me!  You wouldn't wanna hurt these pretty ladies, now would ya?"

Suddenly, he yanked her back inside the van, pulled the door closed, and told Wade to drive.

He roughly grasped Jessica's chin and forced her to face him.  Bringing his face to within an inch of hers, he smiled.  "You're mine now, bitch."

The detective grunted as his back collided with the wooden paneling in the courthouse.  His vision cleared to reveal Brian Peluso's furious face just inches from his own.

"How the HELL could you lose them?!  All you had to do was follow the damn van!  How could you LOSE them?!"  Each sentence was punctuated by slamming the detective into the wall once more.

Several officers finally managed to pull Brian off the detective.  Lieutenant Murno stepped forward, a clearly frustrated expression on his face.

"We were following in an unmarked car so we wouldn't spook them.  We were going to wait until they stopped, then call in backup.  They pulled up next to a similar van, hit a blind spot on the freeway, and by the time we realized what happened, they were long gone.  They got lucky...and we screwed up."

"And now Jess and Finn are alone and god knows where with two criminals, one of whom is a RAPIST."  Jim couldn't believe this was happening.  Brian had already told them about Jeffers' actions toward Jessica.  Jim knew this guy.  He also knew Jess.  She would fight to the death...and knowing Jeffers, it just might come to that.

"We have to find them.  Now."

Chris shifted, trying to find a comfortable spot against the concrete wall of the basement their captors had locked them in.  After escaping the police - which she STILL couldn't believe had happened - Jeffers had driven them out of the city to a small house in the middle of nowhere.  She and Jess had been forced downstairs to a 10  foot square concrete room with one dusty window that was too small to fit through.  The only good thing Chris could see right now was that at least they'd taken the cuffs off first.

There was barely enough light filtering through the window to see Jessica's outline on the other side of the room.  She was crouching at the base of the stairs like she had been for the past hour, trying to hear snippets of conversation from upstairs.

Suddenly, she motioned Chris over.  As Chris drew closer to the stairs, she could just make out Wade's voice.

"I need to see her, Frank.  I heard on the radio that they didn't deport her, and they gave Rudy back to her.  I need to see her; I need to get her out here!  I just want to take her and my son and leave this all behind!"

"Look man, callin your fiance is only gonna make things worse right now.  They're lookin all over for us.  You think they don't have your house bugged?  Look, just wait a week.  By then they'll figure you're not gonna call.  THEN you can get your family out here and split.  I'll take care of the mess here.  Until then, you just hang tight...and I'll have a little fun."

Chris didn't have to see Jessica's face to know that she was afraid.  The police had no way of knowing where they were.  And Wade wouldn't give them anything to work with for at least a week.

Chris reached for Jessica's hand, and the strength of the grip told her that Jess was asking herself the same question: Could they last a week?
______________________________________________________________________________________________________ part left!
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